Rudeness by Oth…

Rudeness by Other Dogs Typical symptoms: dog noisily warns or actually bites other dog who has gotten into his space. Key point: Dog was minding his own business and under control at owner’s side or where left, did NOT leave handler or place left to attack other dog. Watch for invasion of space by another dog, even one that is friendly (refer to article “He Just Wants To Say HI!”); retrievers & other “non-aggressive” breeds often at fault due to their handler’s view of their dog as friendly and harmless. Most likely to trigger response in dogs with bigger personal space (working breeds, terriers).

Copied from the lovely Suzanne Clothier, webpage

I commonly have issues with other dog owners in my apartment complex due to my dog’s fear aggression. Mine freaks out when other people’s dogs come at him, but I can control him (using treats not chains!) if the other dogs are controlled. I have a TERRIER!! Agh! And I end up screaming and flailing wildly at other people’s off leash dogs in an attempt to shoo them. I feel awful after such an episode, but if that dog were to approach, mine would go for it. He did in my first week with him when I didn’t know he was, well, not the perfect dog! The owners of these dogs are always calling their dogs, 10, 20 times, not even trying to catch them, whilst the dog pays absolutely no attention. Then the owner yells at me, saying I am overreacting, their dog is friendly, what is wrong with me! Well, dumb people of the world, I hate you, first of all. But what I really say is my dog is /not/ friendly. He will attack yours if it comes close. 

This is like ugh the biggest problem for me. I hate hate hate these people with a passion. They are very upsetting.


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