Can you say, “Debbie Jacobs”?

Wow guys, this is incredible! Souvenez-vous ce blog?

I had read about a previous trip she did to Puerto Rico, where they trained people to train their dogs, in the hopes that homeless dog populations would decrease. And I was so terribly chagrined that I had missed such a beautiful opportunity to meet her and work with her, not to mention travel and see the world and connect with great people who share my biggest passion.

Well OH MY GOD! I was looking to buy her book and on her commercial site, is a page about NEXT YEARS TRIP! Ahhhhh! I immediately signed up. This is going to be incredible! The one problem – my little rescue is only comfortable with myself and my roommate. My family lives a 5 hour flight away, and I just don’t know what I’m going to do with the little guy! I couldn’t possibly put him in a kennel or somewhere that he would have to deal with strange people and dogs all day. Especially, God forbid, if they decide he must be corrected for attempting to protect himself. Oh my poor lil guy! 

Anyway, Debbie Jacobs, Debbie Jacobs, Debbie Jacobs Debbie Jacobs. Jacobs! 


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