Ha! I just re-discovered this and re-read my posts. It’s strange, because normally I think I would recognize my own writing, but sometimes it’s like reading something completely new. I enjoyed it. Some of the funny stuff I did….anyway.

The importance of writing



Et al. Some reasons I would like to get back into blogging. I’ve found this awesome blog by a family of 5 who homeschools, though what they do sounds a little more like unschooling. Which I love the idea of. And I read a bit about free writing, and how to teach a child or yourself to love writing and not have huge hangups about it(like I do :().

And the dog and I got an instagram account and we have been following some friends(and new friends!) who use positive reinforcement and force free training, and practice respecting their dogs. One of our new friends, a beautiful munchkin from Germany, has a mom who likes to make paracord leashes and collars. They are gorgeous and we hope soon she has shipping to NA! We also follow kikopup(Emily Larlham), who is an incredible, internationally reknowned trainer with an awesome youtube series, and charlottemarshmallow, our most adorable and well taken care of friend ever!! Her mom is pretty amazing too, and she does an awesome job spreading the word about how awesome positive reinforcement is!

So, yes. Back to intermittent blogging. I always have to find my other old WP blog, which focused much more heavily on training of da dog. I wish I could incorporate them together somehow…but I think I’ll just have to put a link to it.

Next up also will be a post on how I made Howl’s jacket for my Halloween costume! Stay tuned! 🙂


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